Anatomy of the 583 field:

583 Action Note:

Use field 583 also to record information about preservation actions relating to an item, such as review of condition, queuing for preservation and completion of preservation. Standard terminology may be used and the authority for the terminology may be indicated in subfield ‡2. Repeat field 583 to record information about different actions.


583 1 ǂ3 v. 2 ǂa mass deacidified ǂc 20071127 ǂi MgO ǂf New York State Conservation/Preservation Project ǂk Preservation Technologies LP ǂ2 pda ǂ5 NRU-Mus

583 1 ǂa mass deacidified ǂc 20071127 ǂi MgO ǂf New York State Conservation/Preservation Project ǂk Preservation Technologies LP ǂ2 pda ǂ5 NRU-Mus

First indicator: 1 (Indicate that the information is not private)
Second indicator: blank (undefined)

ǂ3 Materials specified: The part of the described materials to which the field applies.
We will use this only when a volume or copy number is needed in order to specify which item was preserved. This may occur when only some volumes of a multi-volume set were deacidified, or if multiple copies of a score exist and some copy other than copy 1 has been deacidified. If this subfield is not needed, the field will begin with ǂa.
v. 1 (use for v. 1, copy 1 if only one copy exists)
v. 1, copy 2
copy 2

ǂa Action: The action performed (e.g., accession, appraise, authenticate, classify, copy, describe, exhibit, lend, organize, microfilm, preserve, reference, schedule, solicit, survey or transfer). For preservation activities, use subfield ‡ a for a description of the action (e.g., condition review, queued for preservation, interim treatment or preservation completed).

We will always use mass deacidified

ǂc Time of action: must be expressed YYYYMMDD
We will use the date To vendor from the deacidification database

ǂi Method of action
We will always use MgO (Magnesium oxide)

ǂf Authorization
We will always use New York State Conservation/Preservation Project

ǂk Action agent
We will always use Preservation Technologies LP

ǂ2 Source of terms: A MARC code that identifies the source list from which the term used to record the action information was assigned.
We will always use pda (Preservation & digitization actions: terminology for MARC 21 Field 583 (Mountain View, CA: RLG/ARL/LC Task Force on 583 Field)

ǂ5 Institution to which field applies
We will always use: NRU-Mus

Constant data records for both types of 583 fields may be found in the online constant data save file as:
583 materials not specified
583 materials specified

Deacidified Gift Scores
A number of scores in the gift area now have stickers from BookKeeper indicating that they have been deacidified prior to cataloging. This sticker indicates the month and year of the deacidification, but not the day, and is usually found on the back cover or inside the back cover. Nancy spoke with Alice and found out that Alice would like us to add the 583 field when we find this sticker. Since the actual date isn’t included on the sticker, let’s use the 10th as a generic day, together with the month and year indicated on the sticker. This means that each of these we find will need to be enhanced in OCLC, even if no other changes are needed.