Procedures for added copies:

1. Is this really an added copy or is it a new item?
  • Search by title to find exact match (for books).
  • For other formats other searches will be more effective
2. If it is an added copy, what copy number should you assign?
  • Recently acquired items will usually have an item record already in Voyager, with a location of Catalog Department. The copy number in this record may or may not be the one that will be used.
  • Look at all item records to find the highest number used.
  • Be sure to check all holdings records that are Sibley’s.
  • If gaps exist in copy numbers, it may help to look at the shelf list card.
3. Can you attach this item to an existing holdings record?
  • Look at the attached notes to determine in which location this copy should be placed. If there are no instructions, place the item in the same location as the original copy or copies.
    • If a holdings record exists for the location needed, attach the item to that record.
    • If there is currently no holdings record for the location needed, a new holdings record must be created.
4. Is there anything unusual about this copy?
  • Sometimes notes need to be added to the holdings record to provide additional information about this copy in particular. If so, this can be recorded in =z or x of the holdings record. Subfield z displays to the public. Subfield x does not. If necessary both subfields can be used in the same record.
  • Examples of when this might be needed
    • Copy is autographed (=z Copy 2 autographed by the author)
    • The item lacks something that the bibliographic record says it has, such as a score which has lost its accompanying parts or a book which lacks an accompanying recording (=z Copy 2 lacks violin part)
    • Vault items will need accession no. added to "=x" in the holdings record. (=x Accession no. 37890).
5. If all the questions above are answered proceed to:
  • Marking and barcoding the item (no barcodes needed for Vault items)
  • Creating the necessary item and holdings records in Voyager
  • Record statistics on Voyager Statistics form.