Added volumes: Books and scores (Acquisitions)

· Check in the item as usual.
· Find the call number in the check-in record, if there is one
· In Voyager:
· Check to see if there is a contents note that needs to be updated. This is found in the bibliographic record, field 505. Follow the existing format to add information to this field.
· Update the 866 in the holdings record. If the holdings record still shows a single line for each volume, consolidate the holdings
· Add the new item record. Annotate the enumeration field appropriately: v. 2, Bd. 2, etc. Temp. location will be Bindery.
· Record Voyager statistics
· Add the call number in pencil; the volume no. will always be the last element in the call no.; barcode as usual
· Place the item on the shelf for Bindery, no labels made.
· Annotate the shelf-list card to show the additional volume(s).
· If any questions arise, consult a cataloger.