Added volumes: Books and scores

· Search Voyager to determine the appropriate bibliographic record to which to add the volume holdings. If the volume to be added has been ordered on a different OCLC record, that record will need to be suppressed. See procedures for Suppressing records.
· Annotate the shelflist card to show the additional volume(s).
· Add the call number in pencil; the volume no. will always be the last element in the call no.; barcode as usual
· In Voyager:
· Check to see if there is a contents note which needs to be updated. If so, check the record in OCLC to see if it has already been updated. If so, import the new version and overlay the old.
· Update the 866 in the holdings record. If the holdings record still shows a single line for each volume, consolidate the holdings
· Add the new item record. Annotate the enumeration field appropriately: v. 2, Bd. 2, etc.
· Record Voyager statistics
· Place the item on the shelf for Bindery, no labels made.
· If any questions arise, consult a cataloger.