Added volumes: M3’s

1. Using the call number provided by Acquisitions, display the bibliographic record in Voyager and check to see if additions are needed to the 505 field. Also check to see if plate numbers are added to the record in 028.

2. Edit the holdings record, following the format established. Consolidate holdings if this has not already been done.

3. Create item records following the format for enumeration established in previous item records.

4. Mark and barcode the item(s). All M3’s are labeled NonCirc unless there are specific directions otherwise. Labeling conventions may differ somewhat from the way the volume designation in Voyager.


5. For newer M3's separate records are being created for each title in addition to adding the volume information to the main record.
  • Search for copy for the individual volume and import into Voyager.
  • Call number will be the indicated M3 call number, followed by the volume designation of the item
  • So that patrons may find the status of the individual volume, a link is also included to the master record for the series. To create the link:
    • Locate the record in the OPAC (not the Voyager Cataloging client)
    • On the right hand side of the screen, under the Permalink menu, click on URL. This will create a shorter URL in the menu bar which can be copied.
      • Add an 856 field to the record with the Permalink and a note: For item availability, click here.
        Item availability.PNG
        • This procedure is currently being followed for the following composers, and will include any new M3 sets
          • Bartok, Bela
          • Bruckner, Anton (2016)
          • Cavalli, Francesco
          • Fux, Johann Joseph
          • Geminiani, Francesco
          • Hammerschmidt, Andreas
          • Josquin, des Prez (1987) (also separate records for critical commentaries)
          • Martinu, Bohuslav
          • Mayr, Giovanni Simone
          • Meyerbeer, Giacomo (Abt. 1 in Rare Books)
          • Pasquini, Ercole
          • Pergolesi, Giovanni
          • Reger, Max
          • Schnittke, Alfred
          • Tchaikovsky, Peter

6. Occasionally a new edition of an individual volume in a series is published. It will have the same call number as the earlier volume, but with the date of the newer edition added

6. Return green slips to Acquisitions.