Adding copies (Student procedure)

  1. Using the acquisitions search sheet, locate the item in Voyager.

  1. Display the holdings record. At the end of the call number field add:
    • ‡t 1-2 (This will display In the OPAC as Copies: 1-2)
· The added copy may be copy 3 or higher. If so adjust the entry accordingly:
· ‡t 1-3 (3 copies on the same holdings record)

  1. Display the item records. An item record with no barcode should already be in place.
· Wand in barcode for this item and attach the barcode (2 duplicate barcodes) to the item with a paper clip.

  1. Write the call number in the item. This is done on the page where the guttering is found. Guttering is a penciled entry in the left margin in of the early pages in a book or score, indicating the source of the acquisition, the date and sometimes the price. The call number is written in pencil in the upper right corner on the page, in the following format:

no. 5
copy 2

· If an item consists of more than one piece (e.g., score and parts), the call number is written on all pieces.

  1. Change the temporary location from Sib Music Catalog Dept to Sib Music Bindery.

  1. Record statistics on the statistics sheet.

  1. Place the finished item on the Bindery shelves.