Authority work for copy cataloging

1. Validation. Save the record to the database (click on boat) and record or note the headings that do not validate. Watch for the following messages:
  • See reference. The heading in the record is a cross-reference for an established form. Click on the heading in the validation window and choose Retrieve authority. The form in the 100 field is the correct one to use.
  • Partial heading validation. Check to see which portion validates.
    • If the unvalidated portion is a subject subdivision, the heading is probably correct
    • If the dates or other portion of a name heading fail to validate, further searching will be necessary
    • If it is a part of the title in a name-title heading, further searching will be necessary
  • Cosmetic difference.
    • In many subject headings, this is not a problem. It is usually caused by the change from =x to =v for form headings.
    • All 100/240 combination name-title headings will display this message during validation. Be aware that this may mask a real difference. See next bullet.
    • In most other cases, this does matter! Usually it means that an incorrect diacritic has been used, or an incorrect capitalization. Refer to the authority record and correct the problem.

2. Search unvalidated and partially-validated headings in OCLC authority file.
  • Be sure that headings in the Voyager record match the form in the OCLC authority record.
  • If the record has already been through MARS processing, import the correct authority record
  • If headings in the existing OCLC record are incorrect, consult a cataloger. The record could possibly be enhanced.

3. Resolving headings for which no OCLC authority record exists. Search the Voyager database to see if there are any other occurrences of this heading.
· If the heading in Voyager is in a different form from the one in the record, use the form already found in Voyager.
· If the heading is new to Voyager, use the form found in the record.
· BUT if the form in the record seems to conflict with a heading already in Voyager for a different person or work, consult a cataloger