To prevent the loss of your OCLC Connexion settings, you may want to save a copy of them in an alternate location.

Connexion stores your settings in the following directory:
C:\Users\<your netID>\AppData\Roaming\OCLC\Connex\Profiles

Saving a Backup

To get to the directory that contains your settings:
  1. Open the C: directory
  2. Open the 'Users' directory
  3. Open the directory under your NetID
  4. Click inside the navbar:
  5. Paste the following onto the end of the current location:

  6. Press Enter

To copy the files and save them in an alternate location:
  1. While in the above directory, right click on the 'MyProfile' directory and select 'Copy'
  2. Navigate to the directory where you would like to save your backup. Probably someplace in your H: drive.
  3. Right click and select 'Paste'

These settings seem to save upon closing Connexion, so if you make edits and would like to save them, you will need to close Connexion prior to saving for these settings to be retained in the saved copy.

Restoring from a Backup

  1. Navigate to the directory where your backup is stored.
  2. Right click on the 'MyProfile' directory and select 'Copy'
  3. Follow the above instructions to navigate to the 'C:\Users\<your netID>\AppData\Roaming\OCLC\Connex\Profiles' directory
  4. Right click and select 'Paste'