Cataloging Eastman Theses and Dissertations

Original compositions
M1.A19 (Masters)
M1.A192 (Doctoral)
All other theses:
ML95.2 (Masters)
ML95.3 (Doctoral)
Location and item types:, Archive, NonCirculating
NOTE: Prior to 2010 Sibley received 2 print copies of dissertations, of which copy 2 was the circulating copy. From 2010 onward only 1 print copy will be cataloged for Archives.
Note: Do not classify a large score as Folio. All score theses are shelved in folio shelving.
Cataloging procedures:
In general, follow the rules of AACR2. Therefore, an original composition will have the composer as main entry, but a scholarly edition of a previously existing work will have the main entry for the original composer or author. Assign subject headings appropriate to the work. No special subject heading for Theses is assigned.
Tagging and coding for the bibliographic record:
Record type:
t (manuscript material, for books)
d (manuscript music, for scores)
Thesis note:
502 Thesis (Ph. D.)—University of Rochester, 2003.
502 Thesis (D.M.A.)—University of Rochester, 2003.
General note, if thesis includes the following:
500 Includes vita and abstract.
Electronic copy:
Beginning in 2008, all ESM dissertations must be accompanied by an electronic copy, which may be presented on a computer diskette, CD or other storage medium. Do not accession or catalog the computer file. This will be used strictly to produce a DSpace record, after which time it will be discarded. After the thesis is cataloged, send the disc to Jim Farrington so that metadata can be created from the Voyager record.
Special exceptions. Ph. D. candidates in composition must submit both an original composition and an analysis paper. Previous policy was to catalog these both on the score record, making added analytic entries for the analysis paper. Current policy is to catalog them on separate records, assigning the call number M1.A192 to the score portion and ML95.3 to the analysis paper. Include the following notes in the appropriate records:
500 Accompanied by: Pitch structure in Luciano Berio’s Wasserklavier / by Richard Ensor Mann (30 leaves : music) (in score record)
500 Accompanies: Fred : for orchestra / by Richard Ensor Mann. (in analysis paper record)
Another exception: Sibley occasionally receives gift copies of degree papers that are not officially archived, such as D.M.A. papers for performance degrees. These should be labeled as such and will be classed with other theses for their degree types, but in the circulating collection only. Papers for these degrees are not officially archived here, and therefore there will be no copy placed in Archives.