Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines

By Jay Weitz, Consulting Database Specialist, OCLC WorldCat Content Management Division, Revised 2004 July 21.


Option 2: Single record with a reference to the electronic item

You may create a record for the nonelectronic version and add an annotation about the existence of and access to the electronic version. The nonelectronic version is the primary version and the electronic copy is secondary.
1. Select the workform based on the revised definition of "Type" and the primary aspect of the item.
2. Do not input field 006 for the electronic version.
3. Do not code "Form of Item"(008/23, 008/29, 006/06, or 006/12, depending on bibliographic format) for the electronic version.
4. Optionally, include field 007.
5. Note the availability of the electronic version in field 530.
6. Add a 740 added entry when the title for the electronic version differs.
7. Provide the location of any remotely accessible version in field 856. Use second indicator "1" when the address is for a version of the resource other than the one described in the body of the entry or "2" when the address is for an otherwise related resource.

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