1. Get the shelf list cards.

2. Stamp the cards: Copy_Pres. Film_PM

3. Call up all the bibs and jot down the voyager numbers (or just leave them on your screen if there aren’t too many).

4. Create 1 holding from 1 of the bibs and create 1 item with the barcode included. The copy number should be 1 in the item record.

852 8 $b SibMicro $h Pres. Film 160
866 0 $a PM 1298. Burg. Problems of the private piano teacher.
866 0 $a PM 1299. King. The technique of writing for the French horn.
866 0 $a PM 1300. Slack. The sonata on the 94th psalm by Julius Reubke.

Loc: Sib Music Micro Duplicate
Type: Microform

5. From the item link to all the bibs.

6. Leave temp. location blank and place films in Conservator’s mailbox.

Please note that we are recording the copy number on the shelf list card as we have always done, but have decided that this number is not useful in the OPAC and, if included, may only serve to confuse the patron.

NTL 1/00