Sibley policy on controlling headings in OCLC

· We will continue to control headings in OCLC whenever possible
o In new records
o When enhancing existing records
§ It is worthwhile to enhance OCLC records for the sole purpose of controlling the headings, but this is at the discretion of the cataloger

· We will not control headings in which the punctuation will be made incorrect due to the known Connexion problem with headings including certain combinations of subfields. If the act of controlling the heading removes or alters the punctuation, uncontrol the heading.

· When enhancing a record for other reasons, do uncontrol these types of problem headings. Enhancing a record for the sole purpose of correcting this is at the discretion of the cataloger.

· If an OCLC record with inappropriately controlled headings is brought into Voyager we will correct the punctuation locally so that the heading validates properly.

April 28, 2009