Directions for Adding Metadata Records to DSpace
Determine what item you will add
· If going from CDs, put CD in drawer
o Open up file-there should only be 1 file per CD
· If going from network, open Windows Explorer and go to M:/Sibley Music Library/PDFs/Sibley Digital Scores/Pending to dspace
o Filename conventions begin with the barcode number
§ If multiple files exist for an item, a suffix will come after the numbers, for example 39087...score or 39087...a
Open Voyager in Internet Explorer
· Find item
o Usually doing the barcode number as a boolean search works
o If the barcode is unknown, use call number
o If call number is unknown, open up pdf and find it with standard searching
· Once item is found, click on full view
Open DSpace in Firefox
· Once in DSpace, Log in
o Username is
o Password is 27gibbs
· Click Start New Submission button
· Collection is always Musical Scores in the drop down menu, then click next
· Determine which boxes to check
o If there is a uniform title that differs from the full title , or Other Titles in the bib record, click on multiple titles
o Always check the second box
o If more than one pdf is associated with the item, check the last box
o Click next
· Switch (alt-tab) to the record in IE, and copy the composer's name (including dates)
o Switch back to dspace, and paste into last name box
o Highlight and cut (ctrl-x) names from dates back to beginning of first name, then backspace over remaining space and comma
o Paste cut data into first name box
o If there is more than one "author" associated with the work (e.g. arranger, lyricist), click the Add More button
§ Repeat with all names
· Switch back to IE and copy entire title from 245. Copy the full title into the Title field.
o Go back to dspace, paste into title field
o If there are other titles to add, click Add More button and repeat (If the uniform title is different from the full title, add it to Other titles. If there are additional Other titles, add those here as well)

· Switch back to IE
o note the publication date
o copy the Imprint information up to the comma preceding the date
o go to dspace and type in date in year field
§ If the date includes dashes or question marks, make round date (e.g. 189- becomes 1890)
o Paste Imprint data into Publisher box
o Click on Identifiers dropdown menu and choose other
· Switch back to IE
o Copy publisher's number note (i.e., B&H 13798 Boosey & Hawkes)
o Switch back to dspace, paste into box under Other
o Click Add More button
o Switch back to IE, copy call number
o Switch back to dspace, click second dropdown menu and click other
o Paste call number into data field
· Click on language dropdown and select appropriate entry (N/A for instrumental works)
· Click Next
· Switch back to IE
o Copy first subject heading
o Go back to dspace and paste into Subject Keywords box
o Repeat as necessary
· Switch back to IE
o Copy Description
o Go back to dspace and paste into Description box
o Determine if any other information from the bibliographic record should be included (e.g. contents notes)
§ If other entries are added to Description, type <br> at the end of each line
· Click Next
· Click Browse button
o Find file to upload and double-click on it
§ Only 1 file can be uploaded at a time
§ If uploading more than one, fill out File Description box (e.g. Score, or Pages 1-48) for each file (If these descriptions have a natural order (i.e., Pages 1-32, Pages 32-64) upload them in reverse order. They display in the reverse order from which they are entered)
o Click on Next button (do not hit Return)
o After file uploads (which might take some time, depending on size), click on Add Another File or Next as appropriate
· Recheck all data to determine if anything is incorrect or missing, and fix as necessary
· Click on Cancel/Save and Save work
o Click on Save it button
o After work is checked, cut the PDF file name from the Pending folder in the M drive and copy it to In Dspace