DSpace: Analytics for Binder’s Collections

During retrospective conversion, some binder’s collections were converted using a single record with a detailed contents note. When these scores are digitized, our current policy is to provide a separate catalog record for each component part of the binder’s collection.

· When creating separate records, you may use the call number assigned to the binder’s collection in all bibliographic records in new records. If the number is especially misleading (i.e., for a collection rather than a single work), you may put a dummy call number in the record)
o Example: M1620 (on binder’s collection), M1621 in individual records

· When importing the record into Voyager, supply holdings records for each location of the binder’s collection. Often, the original has been moved to Storage Withdrawn and a preservation photocopy now circulates.

· N.B. Do not create item records for the analytic holdings records. The item records and barcodes will reside in the records for the complete collections only.


Holdings records for original item (Binder’s collection: Piano works)
Preservation photocopy

external image clip_image002.jpg


external image clip_image003.jpg

Component: Poemes lyriques

external image clip_image005.jpg

external image clip_image007.jpg

In this example the component part is from a volume in a multivolume collection. Note that the volume number is added to the call number in records for the component parts.