Discarded items

Decisions to discard items are made through the Brittle Books program. Items to be discarded will be accompanied by the Brittle Books workflow form with the discard decision indicated.

1. At the shelf-list file. Annotate the shelf-list card.
If all copies/volumes are gone : Cross out the entire call number
If only some copies/volumes are gone: Cross out copy number or volume number
Write discarded (disc.) and the date.

2. In the public card catalog. If all copies/volumes are gone, pull all cards from the public catalogs. This will be needed only when the shelf-list card is hand-typed. OCLC cards should have been part of the now-discarded Add-On catalog.

3. In OCLC. If all the copies/volumes are gone you must delete the holdings on OCLC, since we no longer hold this item. The command is delh <F11>. If some copies still remain don’t do this step.

4. In Voyager. Check to see if the item exists in Voyager. If so, delete all records necessary. This may be item records only, item records with holdings records, or items, holdings and bibliographic records, depending on the situation.

5. Statistics. Record number volumes/copies discarded.

6. Annotate the Brittle Books form. Check “Discarded”, initial, date. Return form to the Bindery and place discarded item on appropriate shelves in Catalog Department. These are eventually placed in book sales.