Dspace: Adding links to OCLC and Voyager records

· Locate the OCLC number for the record by locating it within the Voyager record
o Voyager login: sibcat, password: student2)
o 035 field (generally accompanied by (OcoLCocm)
· Display the record in OCLC.
o OCLC login: 100-069-672; password: humbug
· Apply constant data: Digitized scores, variable fields
Edit/Constant data/Online/Apply by name/[type] digitized scores

· Locate the record in Dspace: https://dspace.lib.rochester.edu/index.jsp

· Copy the URL from the Dspace record: (http://hdl.handle.net/1802/1402, e.g.)

· Past the URL into the OCLC record into subfield u of fields 530 and 856

530 Digitized version available online via the Sibley Music Library, Eastman School of Music =u http://hdl.handle.net/1802/1402

856 41 =u http://hdl.handle.net/1802/1402 =z Digitized version.

· Save to the online save file: Action/Save record to online save file. Catalog Dept. Staff will check the record and complete the Enhance transaction.

· After the Enhance is completed., import the record into Voyager, overlaying the older version of the record.

· Save the bibliographic record to the database (click on the boat)

· Copy the 856 field. (click on left margin to highlight; Edit/copy

· Create a new holdings record. Use Dspace.tem in S://LindaSML.

external image clip_image002.jpg
  • Paste the 856 field from the bibliographic into the holdings record (Edit/Paste). Save to the database.

  • Record the item in the Dspace notebook.