Exporting, Importing and Record Overlay

To export records from OCLC

1. First an export location file must be set up in your OCLC session

· Under the Tools menu, choose Options, then Export
· In the Format box, choose Unicode
· Click on Create
· Choose File, then click OK
· Choose a location for the file and a name. The file name must end in .dat. The file can be physically located anywhere that files can be placed on the C, H or S drives
· Choose a name for the export destination, or accept the default
· Close. You will be prompted to save the changes to your destination.

2. To export a record, display the record, and choose Action/Export. You may want to place the Export icon in your toolbar for easier access.

To import records into Voyager

1. Under the Record menu, select Import, then From new file. If you import more records later while Voyager is still open, you will select from From previous file

2. Select the file from the Windows dialog box.

3. A list of exported records will appear. Select the record you want and click OK. More than one record can be selected at a time if you hold down the shift key while selecting.

4. The title bar of the record will read Imported record [number] until it is saved to the database.

5. Click on the boat to save to the database. The title bar will now read Bib [number].

To overlay an existing record

· If there is a brief record in Voyager, insert an 035 field with the OCLC number of the record which will overlay it.

=a43234566 (if the OCLC no. has less than 8 digits, insert zeros at the beginning of the number until there are 8 digits in all