Sibley Cataloging Policies

Bibliographic cataloging -- original:

Cataloging Electronic Resources OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines
Collection-level Records for Special Collections and ESM Archives
Cataloging Eastman theses and dissertations
Exporting, importing, and record overlay
ISBD Punctuation
Sound recordings--Analytics
Stuff that comes with stuff
What Goes Where -- Assigning Voyager locations
Biography table

Bibliographic cataloging -- copy:

Copy cataloging checklist
Sound recordings-- copy cataloging
Authority work for copy cataloging

Holdings and Item records:

Adding copies--Student procedure
Holdings and item records in Voyager
Voyager location codes and item types

Catalog maintenance:

Added copies
Added volumes books and scores
Added volumes--M3's
Location changes
Lost or discarded items and their replacements
Discarded items
Suppressed records
Preservation photocopies-- a checklist
Spare Parts Collection

Call Numbers and classification:

Call numbers, examples for marking, holdings
Classification and shelflisting
Composer cutters for ML410
Writing call numbers in printed materials

Retrospective conversion:

Recon procedures-- Books
Recon procedures -- Microforms
Recon procedures -- theses on microforms
Sound recordings-- copy cataloging

Authority control:

Authority work for copy cataloging
Controlling headings in OCLC
Correcting authority records

Instructions for special materials:

Vault cataloging procedure
Cataloging Preservation Microfilms
Music Education resources
Diazo scores
Hal Leonard replacements
Scores and Parts
Cataloging Eastman theses and dissertations
Cataloging non-Eastman theses and dissertations
Rush requests
Accidental overlay of Rush Rhees held Sound Recordings

Macros and shortcuts

Macros for streamed audio
Walt Nickeson's OCLC macros

Voyager information:

Sibley Voyager preferences
Installing Voyager at home

Connexion information:

Backing Up / Restoring Connexion Settings
OCLC Tutorials

RDA Resources:

Introduction to RDA (Powerpoint presentation by Robert Maxwell (Brigham Young)
Library of Congress RDA Training Materials
Cataloging Principles and RDA: Resource Description and Access.(Webcast by Barbara Tillett)
RDA Changes from AACR2 for Texts (Webcast by Barbara Tillett)

Miscellaneous Resources:

Cataloger's Desktop
ISBD Punctuation
Music Cataloging At Yale
Music Publishers and Plate Numbers (from IMSLP)
Russian transliteration table
The Best of MOUG (caution: huge file)
Types of Compositions for Use in Music Uniform Titles